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How to Choose the Best Food for Your Body Type

There are different types of body types. Each body type has different characterizes. Hence, due to the difference in characteristics each body type requires a varied diet and training methods. Following the diet and work out plan will ensure that you remain fit and healthy. For example, if you have an endomorph body type, you need to avoid unhealthy carbohydrates in your diet. This will help you to remain fit. For you to choose the best food, you need to have detailed information on the body types. The following detailed information at will help you select the best food for your body type

The first body type is the endomorph. People with this kind of body type are pear-shaped and have a small waist. It can be a challenging task for the endomorphs to lose weight. The reason why this is so is that their fat distribution occurs in specific areas such as the hips and the lower part of the abdomen. If you fall into the endomorph body type, it is essential to avoid taking too many carbohydrates.

The reason why this is so is that endomorph is sensitive to both insulin and carbohydrates. They have a high percentage of fat because instead of the carbohydrates they eat to be converted to the energy they are converted to sugars in the bloodstream. An endomorphs diet should contain proteins, fats that are healthy and vegetables.

The second body type is the ectomorph. People who have this body type have thin bones and have natural strength. Their limbs are also long and have a thin build. Unlike the people with the endomorph body type, people with ectomorph need a high percentage of carbohydrates in their diet. The carbohydrates will help in muscle building and produce energy. They also need a lot of calories in their diet. Ectomorphs also have a high metabolism than all the others. When training from the ectomorphs are better in activities that need endurance. Their workout should mainly involve pull-ups and squats.

Finally, the last body type is the mesomorph. Those who have this body type have a bone structure that is medium sized. They also proportioned very well. People with this body can quickly gain weight. Hence, they need to be careful about the diet they take. They should also ensure that they do an all rounded workout. Mesomorphs have low body fat. While training they can also lift weights. This will help give them strength. You can also watch this video at for more info about fitness.

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